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Revealing tips on how New Zealand Home Loans is helping its clients currently save over $31m* they would otherwise be paying in interest to banks.

Many of New Zealand Home Loans clients have said that they wish they had known earlier in life the financial tips that New Zealand Home Loans told them once they became clients. These well proven tips help people to get their money working to their benefit rather than the bank, and have been used in practice since the company was founded in 1996.

To help educate more people about these tips New Zealand Home Loans have created a 30 minute presentation that its consultants can run for organisations (companies, clubs, groups, etc.).  These tips can be applied by anyone that has a mortgage and do not require the home owner to pay any more than they may be presently paying towards their mortgage (although it does help). By doing this they can save thousands of dollars in interest payments and cut years off their mortgage.
“Helping people get their money sorted can be good for business and the community.
People without money worries will probably be less stressed and enjoy better relationships, may take fewer days off sick and may perform better at work.”


NZ Commission for Financial Literacy & Retirement Income

As many companies have recently been unable to provide their staff with pay increases in real terms, they have taken to hosting “How to Get Ahead” workshops during company time as a way of giving back to the staff. In doing so the staff gain by having more knowledge about how they can get their money to work for them, rather than the bank, and the company gains by having staff that have lower levels of stress and are better able to focus on their workday.  It is truly a “win-win” scenario.     

Our consultants would welcome the opportunity to discuss the “How to Get Ahead” workshop with you further, so please contact us using the form or give us a call:
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*figure based on actual balances of current clients at the current NZHL floating interest rate and correct as at 30-05-2014
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