What our Clients Say

“When we were initially introduced to New Zealand Home Loans we were sceptical – it sounded too good to be true, but it wasn’t long before Peter showed us how easy it was and how much faster we’d pay off our mortgage. With Peter’s visits to our home, personal service and the financial stresses we had every day being chipped away – what more could we ask for! Now, almost two years on we have paid more than $12,000 off our loan, $11,999 more than with our previous provider over two years. The proof is in the pudding.”
MT Lambert Tauranga
"When Olivia first told me about New Zealand Home Loans I was naturally sceptical about a home loan that could be paid off 15 years quicker than my current bank was offering at the same or very similar interest rate.  However, after a consultation I was sold. 
 Olivia was knowledgeable, friendly, professional and above all understanding. She listened to our questions without judgement and was able to answer them all in a positive manner.  She explained the New Zealand Home Loans structure and how it could work for us, factoring in any life changes we could foresee in the immediate future.  With the help of the lender she was able to consolidate all our existing debt, allowing us more freedom to pay our loan off quicker. 
 With the help of debtnav we are able to track our spending and saving (which we were unable to do before Olivia came along) and make sure any extra money left over at the end of the month was saved rather than spent.  In the 8 months we have been with New Zealand Home Loans we have saved $10,000!  Before New Zealand Home Loans we were close to $20,000 in debt!!!  Changing over was simple.  We signed the forms and Olivia did the rest.  Best decision ever."
Greg New, Hamilton
"New Zealand Home Loans opened our eyes to a new way of managing our finances.  We found their way of thinking has allowed us to use our equity in ways we had never considered before, live within our means, and reduce debt while achieving our milestones.  Thanks to New Zealand Home Loans’ proposals and systems we believe we are in a much sounder financial position and that our money is working much harder for us and helping us realise our dreams.

We would thoroughly recommend New Zealand Home Loans to anyone looking for a new way to manage their finances, live within their means and achieve the long term security that often seems elusive."
Doug & Emily, Christchurch
"I first took out a mortgage in 1980 when I built my first home.  Since then I have moved a few times and while increasing the value of my property, the mortgage (of course) grew rather than reduced.  I have often thought over the last few years “there has to be a different system of loans”, rather than the table mortgage where it takes years to pay off the interest and the principal payments are so low.  In this standard system you end up paying for the house 3x over (it’s true), through the course of any mortgage over 20+ years.  (I have been paying mortgages now for over 30 years.)

On a recent trip to Auckland my plea for a different system was answered when I stumbled into the shuttle van at the airport with friendly people from NZ Home Loans.  We got chatting and the lights went on in my head.

NEW ZEALAND HOME LOANS have a different system, a different philosophy.  THEY are working for you to become debt free faster.  (This is very different to the trading banks.)
“New Zealand Home Loans is a dedicated home loan provider, committed to helping you and your family become debt free, faster.”
This is the message straight from their website and it’s TRUE – it is a sales pitch with a difference.
Truly, they want to help YOU get out of debt AND they have the skills and the know-how to make it happen. 
 We have just refinanced with them, and while we have a new 12 year mortgage, paying NO more than we were before, we are looking at being DEBT FREE – MORTGAGE FREE – with their system in 4 and a half years."
Kindra Douglas, Nelson
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