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Learn how we help Kiwis save millions on their mortgage repayments

Become debt free, faster with a personalised home loan. Unlike a typical bank we
work with you to put a personalised plan in place to help you get out of debt, reduce the
amount of interest you pay and use your savings to pay off your loan faster. 
Track your progress online using daily updates from your home loan account.
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The New Zealand Home Loans Process

Step 1 – Meet with your consultant

The first step in the New Zealand Home Loans process is for you to sit down with one of our consultants. This first meeting may take up to 2 or 3hrs as your consultant will take the time to go through a thorough review of where you are currently at, what you’d like to achieve and discuss how New Zealand Home Loans could help you achieve your goals and reduce your debt faster than you are currently.

Step 2 – Submit application and receive approval

The next step is to submit your application. Your consultant will go through the application form with you and will let you know what other documentation you need to supply. Once your application is submitted to our lenders you’ll generally hear back within 2-5 working days.

Step 3 – mydebtnav.co.nz

Once your loan is drawn down we’ll also set you up with your very own mydebtnav.co.nz. All the financial and budget information and any goals or milestones that we discussed in your initial meeting will be entered and this will form the basis of your plan. Using mydebtnav you can create a plan (budget), set goals and then track your progress using daily updates from your home loan account. mydebtnav will show you how you are tracking compared to your plan so that you can quickly and easily take action if things aren’t quite on track.

Step 4 – Risk Management Plan

As part of our duty of care to you, once your application has been approved your consultant will then prepare a comprehensive Risk Management Plan for you and will meet with you to discuss it. This is an obligation free plan that will outline those insurance products that we feel would be prudent for you to consider to ensure that your financial security and that of your family is protected.

Step 5 – On-going service

The first year is crucial to ensuring that our debt management system works to your advantage, that is why we will guarantee to provide you with a level of service that will help you stay on track to achieving your goals. In your first year we will contact you:

Two months – “making sure you’re all set up” phone call

Four months – “how is your plan progressing” review visit

Eight months – “are you still on track” phone call

Annual – “are you in control of your plan” review visit

Plus we’re never more than a phone call away should you have any queries or concerns or just need to discuss something.

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The journey to being debt free starts with a free, no obligation chat to one of our consultants. To make it easy you can contact us online.

Just send us a few details and we will put you through to your closest consultant who will then get in touch with you.
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