Mobile Banking App Frequently Asked Questions

Note: This app is only available for iOS & Android devices at this stage. Other device types such as Windows phone or Blackberry will need to use the website based Internet Banking site. It is also only available to clients with an account number that begins with the prefix '38' and use the NZHLtransact internet banking site.

Q. Where can I get the New Zealand Home Loans Mobile Banking app from?
 The app is available through the Apple App Store and Google Play. Search for “New Zealand Home Loans Mobile Banking”.
Q. Do I have to pay to use the New Zealand Home Loans Banking app?
 The app is free to download and there are no additional service fees from New Zealand Home Loans to use the app. Standard data usage charges through the your mobile phone provider will apply though.
Q. Do I have to use the 4 digit security code to login?
A. No, this can be controlled in the "Settings" page.
Q. Can I use the same 4 digit pin as I use to unlock my smartphone already?
A. Yes, although this is not recommended (e.g. kids that know your phone pin to play games will then be able to get into banking as well).
Q. What if I forget my 4 digit security code?
A. Simple, just press "Login help" > “I forgot my code” and then use your standard internet banking login details.

Q. What if I want to change their 4 digit security code?
 Simple, just press "Settings" > "Security" > "Change Security Code".

Q. Can two or more clients use the app on the same iOS or Android device?
 Yes. Although only one user can have a 4 digit code setup at any point in time.  If a second user would like to login then they would have to press "Login help" > “I'm a new user", this will then take them through the first time setup process.

Q. Can I use the app on more than one iOS or Android device at the same time?
 Yes, a single client can use the app on multiple devices (e.g. Phone & Tablet).

Q. I am trying to search for the app on an iPad but can't find it?
 In the app store change the 'ipad only' search criteria to 'iphone only' and repeat the search.

Q. Can the app be "reset" on a device to let a different New Zealand Home Loans user use the app on a previously used device? 
 Yes. This can be done through the app itself, there are two methods:
        i. If the logged in user would like to deregister themselves then they can do this via Settings" > "Security" > "Deregister this device", or else,
        ii. The new user can just press "Login help" > “I'm a new user" from the security code entry screen.

Q. I “closed” the app with the "Home" button on their phone but it was still logged on the next time they opened it?
 This behaviour can be controlled through the "Settings" > "Security" > "Logout with home button" option. If this is set to "Off" minimising the app with the "Home" button on the phone will suspend the app but the session will remain open for just over 4 min. 
Q. How do I view their full transaction descriptions?
 Simple, just tap on a transaction.
Q. How can I tell which transactions are deposits and withdrawals?
 Deposits are formatted in blue with a ‘+’ sign in front of them. All other transactions will be withdrawals.
Q. How far back can I keep scrolling through their transactions?
 99 days, if the customer needs to go back further then they will need to use desktop internet banking. The app will load 20 transactions at a time as the user scrolls down.
Q. Can I change the card icons next to each of their accounts?
 Not at the moment, this is a possible future enhancement to allow personalization of these.

Q. Will the app run on any iOS device?
A. Only on devices using iOS 7.1+
Q. How do I find out what iOS version their device has?
 This can be found in "Settings" > "General" > "About" > "Version".
Q. How do I logout? 
 In the iOS app there are 2 possible ways to logout of the app:
 - By using the "Logout" button in the top right corner of the "Settings" page, or
 - By pressing the "Home" button (controlled through the "Settings" > "Security" > "Logout with home button" option). 

Q. How can I take a screenshot of my iPhone screen? 
A. Press and hold the Home button, then press the Sleep/Wake button. Your screen flashes and the picture is saved to your Camera Roll.

Q. Will the app run on any Android device?
A. No, the app will only run on devices using Android OS 4.1+, and they must have a screen resolution of greater than 320x400.

Q. How do I find out what Android version their device has?
A. This can be found in "Settings" > "About phone/device" > "Firmware/Software Version".
Q. How do customers logout? 
A. In the Android app there are 3 possible ways to logout of the app:
 - By pressing the physical "Menu" button that exists on all Android devices followed by "Logout", or
 - By using the "Logout" button in the top right corner of the "Settings" page, or
 - By pressing the "Home" button (controlled through the "Settings" > "Security" > "Logout with home button" option). 

Q. Why does pressing the "Back" button on the device not allow the user to exit the app? 
 This is an Android specific feature that may be added in a future release, but for now they will need to press the "Home" button to exit the app.

Q. How can I take a screenshot of my Android screen? 
A. This differs between device manufacturers so the easiest way to find out is Google <device manufacturer> + <device model> + "screenshot". In later versions of Android (since 4.0) this has been standardised so to take a screenshot on an Android device, press the Volume Down and Power keys at the same time.
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