New Zealand Home Loans – Mobile Banking App

Banking on the go with your iPhone and Android smartphones.
Safe, secure and no-hassle banking.

Log in with a four-digit PIN. Check balances, transfer money, make payments and view upcoming transactions.

Taking care of business when you are on the go. 

By using this app on your phone you are able to take care of your banking whenever and wherever you find a moment to do so.  You can:

  • Check balances
  • Make Payments – you can do these directly to the people and companies that you have already saved in internet banking or arrange for a one-off payment by typing in the account details.
  • Transfer  Money – between your New Zealand Home Loans accounts or with other banks.
  • See What’s Coming Up – check ahead to see what you have scheduled for payment in the next couple of weeks. 

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It’s as safe as houses. 

Security 24/7 – Set-up your four-digit PIN then it is simple and easy to access your accounts in the future. Log out automatically when you leave the app, or stay logged in for four minutes (just in case you need to reference or ‘cut-and-paste’ from other screens on your smartphone. 

KeepSafe – You will be asked a KeepSafe question when you set up your PIN – and then any time you send money to someone you’ve never paid before. Even if someone got into your app, they couldn’t transfer money to anyone you don’t already have saved in your internet banking. 

Mobile Banking App FAQs. 

Check out our Mobile Banking App FAQs here.
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