Certified Copy

A copy of the original document, sighted alongside the original and certificated as a true copy of the original by a Justice of the Peace, solicitor or anyone else who is able to certify documents.



A means of recording on a policy document alternations to its terms and conditions during the policy term or to vary or extend the policy wordings at time of issue.



Something that your insurance policy won’t cover.


Life Assured

The person whose life is insured by a policy, as described in the policy documentation.



An extra amount factored into the Insurance Premium because of something specific to the life assured, for example a health problem or a dangerous pastime.


Policy Owner

The person who owns the policy, and is stated as such in the Policy Schedule details. Benefits under the Policy are paid to the Policy Owner.


Policy Schedule

The schedule of policy details that appears at the beginning of the policy document.



The process of risk assessment so that insurer sets the right premium for the risk of each individual policy.

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